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Here is the dawn of a new age in Bible scholarship. With the breath-taking vision of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as three inter-related faces of the same monotheism, Howard Schatz dares to return to the mystical roots of orthodox religion, and to read the Bible with the assumptions of its original authors. In prose that is always clear, often beautiful, and eminently quotable, and with a numerology carefully explained to uncover the science behind traditional Kabbalism, Schatz employs his own comfortable grasp of modern science to do justice to our common ancestors.

Dr. Ernest G. McClain
Professor Emeritus of Music
City University of New York

Howard Schatz’s recent book The Lost Word of God (New York, 2007) is a welcome contribution to the literature on the ancient Pythagorean tradition. Its special value lies in emphasizing the role of Jewish sources, primarily the book Jezirah, which shed a fresh light on timeless issues.

Dr. Siegmund Levarie
Professor Emeritus of Music
The City University of New York

As a graduate student, I dealt with a mathematical problem, the solution to which had eluded great minds much more brilliant than mine. At one point, discouraged and demoralized, I informed my advisor that I was on the verge of quitting — at which point he delivered a message that changed my life. “Sure, Dan,” he said, “many great researchers have been unsuccessful in solving this problem. But none of them were Dan Schneck, and your point of view, your experience, your approach could make all the difference in the world” … which, as it turned out, it did! Reading Howard Schatz’s book gave me a feeling of deja vu, reminding me of that fateful meeting with my advisor. That is to say, many great biblical scholars and philosophers have wrestled over the years to extract significant meaning from scripture … with moderate degrees of success. But none have managed to integrate concepts in ways that get to the very heart of what this “Bible stuff” is all about … none, that is, until Howard Schatz! In “The Lost Word of God,” Howard leads the reader to Biblical enlightenment through perceptive insights, integrative analysis (especially as it relates to the roles of mathematics and music) and a wisdom well beyond his years. This is a clearly written dissertation that is MUST reading for anyone who has ever sought meaning in ‘spiritual fulfillment.’ The depth of understanding that Schatz displays in this book is nothing short of brilliant.

Dr. Daniel J. Schneck
Professor Emeritus of Engineering Science and Mechanics
Virginia Tech