2. The Secret of Knowledge (Razah D’Oraytah)




Well-known Kabbalist Joseph Gikatilla (1248–1305) writes in his book Gates of Light that: “The entire Torah is like an explication of, and commentary on, the Ineffable Name of God.” The Kabbalistic tradition refers to this knowledge as Razah D’Oraytah (the “Secret of Knowledge,” the “Secret of the Torah,” or the “Secret of the 22 Foundation Letters”).    Mathematics and music are said to be the language of God. This course will introduce the mathematics of sound that defines the language of God as articulated by God’s “Voice.” God’s “Utterances” describe the inner vibrational essence of all objects and beings in Creation. We will also introduce exactly how the Book of Creation’s mathematical template is encrypted directly within the Holy Tetragrammaton that shapes and structures all Biblical allegory.

The Secret of Knowledge (Razah D’Oraytah)

Sunday, Jan 31, 2021 11:00 AM